A1 Town & Country Terms And Conditions.

  1. A1 Town & Country LGV Training can guarantee that you will be at a high enough standard to take your practicable Test after your course.
  2. The Candidate must reach a standard considered safe by the instructor to undergo a test.
  3. A1 Town & Country WILL NOT be held responsible for cancellation of Tests due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control..
  4. A1 Town & Country WILL NOT accept any responsibility if you were to fail your test, we guarantee that A1 Town & Country will get you up to the standard in order for you to pass your test with qualified DSA Instructors.
  5. NO Refunds of money will be paid unless 14 clear working days notice has been given from the date of the booking confirmation. If for any reason you should wish to change dates of your course this may incur a small admin charge. All Training costs must be paid in FULL at least 21 days before your course is due to start. Unless otherwise agreed on by ADMIN.
  6. A deposit of £115 is required to book any course. Payments can be made through PayPaL
  7. Payment Methods Cash, Cheque, payable in advance 21 days before training commences.

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